About FAQsy – Pronounced FAQsy

Before you think about putting your home on the market, check out your competition. A lot of the homes on the market today are Pre-Foreclosures, Foreclosures and Bankruptcies? These owners are ready to make a deal, any deal. Do you really want this kind of competition?

Don’t be mislead by some real estate agent telling you that they can sell your home for more money in the shortest time. If this was true, why are there so many homes still on the market?

Thinking about using Aunt Marge or Uncle Bob to list your home, the NAR warns against it. Feelings must not become a factor and should be avoided.

Why not use the Internet? Thousands of homeowners and home-buyers are! According to the NAR, 33% of homeowners use the Internet to sell their homes and that 81% of potential buyers use the Internet when looking for valued homes.

The NAR also reported that 40% of homes sold are bought by buyers who are local and live within a 50 mile radius. However, the other 60% of homes are sold to buyers that are out-of-area, out-of-state or out-of-country. Why limit your property’s exposure?

Why are so many homeowners and home-buyers using the Internet? It’s fast, it’s safe, it’s secure, it is especially cost effective and properties are viewed by thousands 24/7. Thinking about using the old school traditional real estate services that are over 20 years old? Why?

Still think all realtors are alike? Think again! Please, take a minute and review My Services, don’t be fooled and make the same costly mistake your neighbor and so many others have made. Shop and compare, bigger isn’t always better, it just costs you more.

If you not sure how much your home is really worth or you want a ballpark price range, check out my Seller’s Estimated Home Value Price worksheet. Instead of one fixed price, you can select a range of acceptable prices that will get more interested buyers with less hassle and less stress. Location and condition are important, but the price is the one biggest deciding factor.

Homeowners, try my exclusive online Seller Net Proceeds worksheet. Why? Because your mortgage information is recorded by the title companies who have no way of updating this information unless you recently refinanced. Only you and your lender know your current loan balance and your monthly payments. It’s to your advantage to at least try the worksheet.

Remember, first impressions count. If a prospective buyer doesn’t like the outside appearances of your home, chances are they won’t like the inside either and will move on to the next home. You can avoid this by reviewing my exceptional Sell Your Home report. This is a must read!

Home-buyers, concerned about closing cost, why not use my Buyers Closing Costs worksheet. You can also get an estimate of your monthly payments with taxes and insurance included.

Are we headed for a Buyer’s Market?

We encourage you to investigate our innovated online capabilities to sell a home or buy a home online, it’s safe, secure and it saves you time and money, isn’t that what you want?

Since 1995, FAQsy has been recognized as one of the industry leaders in the use of the Internet to assist clients with buying and selling homes online. As mentioned on MSNBC and in the Associated Press, the FAQsy Real Estate website and online advancements have aided the company’s goal of greater efficiency for real estate transactions.

If you can find a better service anywhere, better than what I’m offering here …..Go for it!